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Faithful (2023) Ongoing

Genre: Drama, Fantasi
Year: 2023View: 304 views

A young woman named Ru Lan who put her reputation on the line to air her grievances dies in vain. Seven years later, nine people who are inextricably linked to the Ru Lan case get together for different reasons thus beginning a story of revenge.

Disregarding her good friend Meng Wan’s objections, the young Lin Rulan risked her own reputation to sue Wu Lian who is the master of Xiu Liu. After many unsuccessful attempts, Rulan who finds that there’s no place that will hear her grievances finally commits suicide to prove her innocence. Meng Wan bides her time for seven years later and assembles nine people to seek justice for her friend. In the process, the struggles of a young girl who was buried in time gradually emerges.

Last Air Date:26 Sep 2023
Number Of Episode:25
Network:Tencent Video
Director:Li Bojian
Cast:Bai Shu, Hu Yixuan, Janice Wu, Li Jiahang, Qiao Zhenyu, Tang Jingmei, Zhang Kangle